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Messages will be posted here if and when we identify network or service errors lasting more than 5 minutes, or in case we make system changes that we think will affect our users. Messages older than 2 months will not be displayed, unless they contain currently relevant information.

2017-01-18 17:58: Unavailable services - problems solved and the single customer's webhotel are now up again.

php70-shell will come back up either tonight or tomorrow, but is a low priority, as this is a very experimental test service.

2017-01-18 17:29: Unavailable services - update became available earlier today, and is now available, too.

2017-01-18 17:21: MariaDB - update complete
The MariaDB security update is now complete.

2017-01-18 17:09: MariaDB - brief downtime due to security update
Due to security updates, there is a brief downtime between 17:10 and 18:00 for our two MariaDB 10 servers. Webpages may experience database connection errors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2017-01-18 01:03: Unavailable services - update
We have resolved several of the problems, and www forwarding is again operative.

Regretfully, other services will take more time to restore, we hope to solve this throughout the day.

2017-01-17 21:02: Unavailable services
Due to technical problems, the following services have been unavailable since about 20:25. Technicians are working to solve the problems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2017-01-12 08:37: Wordpress - important security update
WordPress have just released security update 4.7.1, solving a series of security issues, where the most important is a remote code execution (RCE) in PHPMailer (see our previous status update):

WordPress have also released updates for several older versions:

As a reminder, WordPress versions older than these are not permitted for our webhotel customers due to their severe security vulnerabilities. Keep WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date!


2016-12-28 08:45: Critical security vulnerability in PHPMailer
A critical security vulnerability has been uncovered in PHPMailer, a software library used by many CMSes (Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress etc.)

Joomla! and WordPress are working on security updates. Until then, it is important that our customers perform the update manually.

Secure version: 5.2.20 (not yet released)

2016-12-14 11:22: Extreme spam volumes - update
We have improved the capacity of our spam filters. Deliveries are already significantly improved, and normal flow will be restored within a few hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers.

2016-12-14 10:50: Joomla 3.6.5 - kritisk sikkerhetsoppdatering
Joomla 3.6.5 is available as a critical security update.

This means that from now on, older Joomla versions than 3.6.5 may not be used with our hosting services. Upgrade now!


2016-12-13 15:05: Extreme spam volumes - e-mail delays
Due to an extreme volume of spam of 10-15 times the normal daily maximum, our incoming e-mail servers ( are struggling to handle the load. Incoming mail has therefore been delayed for several customers.

We are working on increasing the capacity of our incoming spam filters, in order to better handle legitimate e-mail.

We also see that other e-mail providers have challenges in accepting legitimate e-mail among all the spam, which regrettably also causes delays in sent e-mail.

2016-11-24 14:18: Slow incoming e-mail due to vast amounts of spam
Due to extreme amounts of incoming spam, there may be some delays in incoming legitimate e-mail.

This may also affect e-mail sent "internally" via webmail or, to addresses handled by our incoming servers.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on rejecting the spam more efficiently.

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