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How can I see the full headers in my email client?
How to retrieve the full headers, depends on what program you use, and the version of it.

If you use Outlook 2010 in Windows, you can see the full headers by:

  • From 'Home' tab: Double-Click email message to open in separate message window.
  • From 'File' tab: Choose 'Info' then click 'Properties' button. Headers are displayed in the read-only 'Internet headers' text box at the bottom of the properties dialog.
  • Highlight the contents, then right-click. You can copy the headers and paste them into an email message or another application.

If you use Apple Mail on mac you can view the full headers:

  • Click on the "View" menu, select "Message" and select "All Headers"

You can find the name and the version for most programs in the menu, under Help, as About.

When you know the name and version, this website will help you find the full headers:

How to Get Full Headers in Your Software

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